Tomato Egg Scramble - Vintage Recipe from Cooking Club Magazine, March 1913

Tomato Egg Scramble – Cooking Club 1913

Recipe for Tomato Egg Scramble with butter and crackers on toast from a 1913 cooking magazine called Cooking Club. Simple breakfast dish. Read More

Recipe Inspired by Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn - Catfish and Collard Greens on The History Kitchen

Huckleberry Finn Catfish and Collard Greens

History professor Bruce Kraig shares a recipe for Southern Catfish and Greens from Chef Joe Randall, inspired by Mark Twain’s classic Huckleberry Finn. Read More

Roast Duck with Rum - Vintage Holiday Recipe from "Through Europe with a Jug of Wine" on The History Kitchen

Roast Duck with Rum

Roast Duck with Rum – delicious vintage holiday recipe from “Through Europe with a Jug of Wine” by Morrison Wood. Read More

Lamb Stew with Pears

Swedish Lamb Stew with Pears

Recipe for Swedish Lamb Stew with Pears Potatoes & Green Beans from “The Swedish Princesses Cook Book,” aka “Prinsessornas Kokbok” published 1936 Read More

The Secret History of Okra - Okra Soup Recipe on The History Kitchen

The Secret History of Okra – Okra Soup

Learn the history of okra, from its ancient origins to its African American roots, then try a historically-inspired recipe for peppery okra soup. Read More

Very Fancy Sandwiches_-8

Very Fancy Sandwiches

Learn to make simple, vintage fancy sandwiches for your next soiree. From wartime American Home Magazine. Read More

Cary Grant's Oven-Barbecued Chicken Recipe on The History Kitchen

Cary Grant’s Oven-Barbecued Chicken

An easy vintage family recipe for Oven-Barbecued Chicken from Cary Grant, featured in the 1939 cookbook “What Actors Eat When They Eat!” Read More

Andersen's Split Pea Soup

Andersen’s Split Pea Soup

Vintage recipe for Andersen’s Split Pea Soup from Andersen’s Restaurant in Buellton, California. Family recipe. Vegan, Gluten Free. Read More

Welsh Rarebit

What They Ate at Hearst Castle – Welsh Rarebit

Learn about the culinary history and food of Hearst Castle, the William Randolph Hearst estate. Includes Hearst’s recipe for Welsh Rarebit. Read More

Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes

Learn to make easy southern fried green tomatoes from Fannie Flagg’s Original Whistle Stop Cafe Cookbook. Read More

Poached Salmon Mousseline Close

What They Ate on Titanic – Salmon Mousseline

Learn about the food onboard Titanic, inspired by M. Escoffier, then try a historical Titanic recipe for Poached Salmon with Mousseline Sauce. Read More

Monticello White Bean Soup Main

What Thomas Jefferson Ate – White Bean Soup

Learn a colonial recipe from Thomas Jefferson’s family at Monticello for White Bean Soup. Vegetarian, healthy, delicious historical recipe. Read More

Elvis Presley Sunday Meatloaf

What Elvis Presley Ate – Sunday Meatloaf

Make Elvis Presley’s Sunday Meatloaf, a recipe from the Presley Family Cookbook, and learn about the Jewish ancestry of Elvis and his mother. Read More

IMG_1807 4

What the Colonial Virginians Ate – Apple Tansey

Learn what the Colonial settlers of Virginia ate, then try a traditional colonial recipe for Apple Tansey. Food history. Read More


What the Ancient Israelites Ate – Jacob’s Lentil Stew

Historical recipe for Jacob’s Lentil Stew and background on ancient Israelite food and cooking. Torah, Biblical cooking, Israel, Neot Kedumim Read More

What the Ancient Israelites Ate - Ful Mudammas Recipe

What the Ancient Israelites Ate – Ful Mudammas

Learn a historical recipe from ancient Israel – Ful Mudammas made with fava beans, olive oil, onion, garlic, and cumin. Read More